Can’t Resist Her by: Kianna Alexander

This book started out strong, with their meet-cute giving off major Cinderella vibes. Summer always had a crush on Aoki but Aoki never noticed her…until the night of their graduation party.

Count Your Lucky Stars by: Alexandria Bellefleur

This book had me laughing within the first chapter and dying of secondhand embarrassment by the fourth. I loved meeting Margo in book one and being able to read her inner thoughts as she’s faced with her childhood BFF Olivia, who she hasn’t seen or heard from in 11 years, was so good!

The Impossible Girl by: Lydia Kang

Start to finish this book had me hooked. The atmosphere, Cora herself, and all those she came into contact with had me constantly worried whether or not she could trust those around her, both new and old. This is one of those books that has me wishing to explore more of the characters and places within.

Neon Gods by: Katee Robert

Neon Gods has been all over Tiktok since before its release last June. I’ve been following Katee on Tiktok since shortly after I joined in late 2020. The recommendations she gives have been so great and I’m embarrassed to say it took me a while to realize she wasn’t just a reviewer but an author herself.