The Curse of a Faeblood by: M.K. Lorber

Ember was taught to only be loyal to and protect herself…Gavyn was taught to only protect and be loyal to his siblings…but together they learn to see the value in themselves, as well as each other…and maybe the risk is worth the reward of opening up to each other.

Between Wrath and Mercy by: Jess Wisecup

As a huge sucker for second chance romances, especially between people who were childhood friends, I adored seeing Emmeline and Rainer go from being irritated with each other, to understanding, and then finally opening back up to their feelings for each other.

Under the Oak Tree [Season 1] by: Suji Kim

The novel follows right along with all the chapters of the manhwa but adds so much more information that I’m glad I decided to read both in tandem. I highly recommend reading both the online manhwa as well as the novels so that you can fully understand, and appreciate the story.