Something Blue by: Heather McGovern

“There was obviously something there, with them. Some potential, some spark, some something.
She might even be a little fond of him, but she also kind of wanted to punch him in the arm.” -Beth, Something Blue by Heather McGovern

How to Fake a Wedding Date by: Karen Booth

I really wanted to like this book—with a plus-size cover model, failing for your brother’s best friend, and the reveal of Little Black Book—but sadly it just didn’t hit like I needed it to.

Black Tie Bachelor Bid by: Karen Booth

I loved the idea of Taylor bidding on Roman to finally get time to pick his brain about what it takes to be a hotelier. She’s determined and hopeful while he’s reclusive and somewhat jaded.

Maggie Moves On by: Lucy Score

I can’t wait until this book is released so you can all experience this swoon-worthy romance! Get ready to giggle, sigh, and have a permanent smile on your face.

The Trouble with Hating You by: Sajni Patel

If you love romance’s that deal with heavier topics but prefer FTB [fade to black, aka when sex takes place off-page rather than on-page] I highly recommend giving this debut romance a chance.

Twisted Hate by: Ana Huang

Ever since I read, and loved Twisted Love, where we get to see a few fiery interactions between Jules and Josh I knew I needed to read their book. We get enemies to lovers between Ava’s [the MC of Twisted Love] BFF and older brother and it is steamy.