A Merry Little Meet Cute by: Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone

Judge all you want but I DEVOURED this Christmas book in April…and I feel no shame!

The Marquess Makes His Move by: Diana Quincy

In THE MARQUESS MAKES HIS MOVE we get to learn more about Alex, the illusive Marquess of Brandon. Brother to Leela, whose story we get in book one, Alex has always spent more time at his country estate than in London.

Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century Edited by: Alice Wong

This book is full of stories from people will all different types of disabilities and illnesses. Some of the stories were humorous while others were devastating to read.

The Viscount Made Me Do It by: Diana Quincy

Will Hanna and Griff be able to find out what really happened the night of his parents’ murder and avoid giving in to their mutual attraction?

Her Night with the Duke by: Diana Quincy

Seeing Leela and Elliot desperately try to fight their mutual attraction and “do the right thing” had me laughing, sighing, and wanting to shake each of them at different times.