Under the Oak Tree [Season 1] by: Suji Kim

The novel follows right along with all the chapters of the manhwa but adds so much more information that I’m glad I decided to read both in tandem. I highly recommend reading both the online manhwa as well as the novels so that you can fully understand, and appreciate the story.

The Dragon Knight’s Beloved [Vol 2] by: Asagi Orikawa

I adore Melissa and her interaction with the dragons, I also love learning all the dragon/dragon knight lore, but I’m feeling somewhat squeamish about the age gap between Melissa and Hubert.

The Demon Prince of Momochi House [Vol 1] by: Aya Shouoto

Imagine being an orphan of sixteen and finding out you inherited your ancestral home. Excited for a familial connection, in the form of the house, she wasn’t expecting to find 3 squatters or to find out the house is a gateway between our world and the spirit realm.

The Savior’s Book Cafè Story in Another World by: Kyoyka Izumi

Never have I related so fast to a manga. I mean imagine finding out you have to go but you’ll be given magic and you can just do your own thing since multiple saviors have been selected. Sounds like a dream!