I’ll Never Be Your Crown Princess! [VOL 1] Art by: Natsu Kuroki Story by: Saki Tsukigami

“I messed up…I should never have gone to that stupid masquerade party.” -Liddy, I’ll Never Be Your Crown Princess!

The Duchess Hunt by: Lorraine Heath

“She’d given him the freedom to travel, to search far and wide for other investment opportunities, to scour the globe. But of a sudden, he was more interested in what was closer to home. In unraveling the mystery of her.” -Hugh, The Duchess Hunt by Lorraine Heath

Taken by the Horde King by: Zoey Draven

“All I knew was that when the horde king was captured, I’d gotten a chill up my spine. In that moment, everything in me screamed that we had changed something that wasn’t meant to be changed. That the horde king’s capture was not…it was not written. It should not have happened.”-Mina, Taken by the Horde King by Zoey Draven

Broken by the Horde King by: Zoey Draven

“I wasn’t the same girl that had once worshipped the ground he walked on. I’d learned my lesson long ago when it came to him. That lesson? Stay far away.” -Maeva, Broken by the Horde King by Zoey Draven

Something Blue by: Heather McGovern

“There was obviously something there, with them. Some potential, some spark, some something.
She might even be a little fond of him, but she also kind of wanted to punch him in the arm.” -Beth, Something Blue by Heather McGovern

Always Be My Duchess by: Amalie Howard

“Neve couldn’t decide whether she preferred to kiss him or kick him. For now, she’d enjoy the former. Maybe afterward she’d give him the kick he deserved.” -Neve in Always Be My Duchess

Scoundrel of My Heart by: Lorraine Heath

We get reluctant conspirators, falling for your best friend’s brother, mystery, and so much more. Currently planning to jump immediately into book two and thinking I need to pre-order book 3 which drops later this month!