The Laughing Corpse by: Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel #2

In The Laughing Corpse, a creature from beyond the grave is tearing a swath of murder through St. Louis. And Anita will learn that there are some secrets better left buried-and some people better off dead…

Content Warnings: Violence, blood/gore, body horror, gun violence, animal death, sexual harassment, sexism, sexual assault, ableism, xenophobia, racism, insensitivity towards mental health, and stigmatization of sex work.
Mention of domestic abuse, toxic relationship, torture, and rape.

It’s been interesting re-reading this series, that I originally read as a teen, roughly 20 years later. When I first read the series I accidentally picked up Narcissus in Chains [which is book 10] not realizing it was part of a series and then upon finishing I started requesting the earlier books from the library to binge through and catch up.

When I first read through this series, beginning around the age of 14, I loved Anita and thought she was such a badass and a model of how to be cool. As an adult, I find Anita somewhat annoying, feels like she’s trying too hard to pull the whole “not like other girls.” Maybe it’s just me but it really feels like she’s in competition with everyone she meets like she always needs to be better [mentally, physically, and even morally] than everyone else…which gives me the ick.

The crime scenes and police work, aside from all the “one of the boys” or “let me show I’m better than this guy” stuff, are deeply fascinating and I imagine that LKH put in a lot of time researching and talking with different types of law enforcement to get these scenes to feel so incredibly real.

I’m going to keep reading through all the books to see the evolution of Anita as she starts realizing she’s being too judgy and needs to be more open-minded about the world she’s so deeply involved in. It has been interesting seeing all the characters she meets early in the series that I know still play a role throughout the series.

Published by Noelle Loves Books

Growing up, Japanese and Indigenous, it was hard to find books that showcased stories and worlds that accurately portrayed Noelle’s experiences. Fantasy quickly became her main love, as you could really be anyone, anywhere. As the years went on, and technology grew, Noelle was finally able to see more stories and authors that looked and felt like her. Noelle is open to all genre’s though she can mostly be found reading own voice, fantasy, and romance. Ratings: 5 Stars: Completely blew me away 4 Stars: Loved the story but didn't feel completely blown away by it 3 Stars: Liked the overall concept of the story but either had poor execution, had a lot of plot holes, or was written poorly 2 Stars: I struggled to understand the plot, poorly written, or just had really unlikeable characters along with a poor writing 1 Star: Horribly written, major plot holes, or extremely unlikeable characters and plots.

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