Shield-Maiden: Under the Hunter’s Moon by: Melanie Karsak

The Road to Valhalla Book 2

The Road to Valhalla Book 1 Review

When the gods play in mortals’ lives, the only certain outcome is uncertainty. Especially when that god is Loki.

In the course of a night, I found out my entire life was a lie. Now, Yrsa, Eydis, and I will set off to recover Tyrfing. I must leave Dalr–and the dream I’d shared with Hofund–behind. Eydis is sure the gods have plans for me. I hope she’s right. For on the distant island of Bolmsö, the last of my father’s line is besieged by enemies, and only the blood of a berserker can make things right again.

Continue the Road to Valhalla series with book 2, Shield-Maiden: Under the Hunter’s Moon. Readers will relish this sweeping Viking Historical Fantasy as it retells the Norse Hervarar Saga, depicting the life of the shield-maiden Hervor.

Content Warning: Slavery, blood/gore, violence, murder, abuse, assault, loss, and death [human and animal].

So I definitely started reading this thinking I’d read a few chapters, watch some TV, and then head to bed. I was not anticipating how much of a chokehold this story would have on me that had me reading it in one sitting. Before I started I was pretty confident that I would enjoy this book, even more than book one, since Hervor would now have a better sense of self.

How is this book 460 pages?! This story is so well written and written in a way that I felt like it flew by. One of those rare books, at least for me, that I could see as a movie playing in my head. I’m not familiar with the Norse saga of Hervarar so I’m enjoying not knowing exactly where we’re going as we continue on the different paths Hervor takes in her journey.

This book has me desperately hoping someone picks up the rights to create a Norse/Viking show that centers on a woman. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE The Last Kingdom and Vikings for the strong and badass Viking women they portray but we’re still following a man as the main character…please someone give us a show following the journey of a Viking woman.

If you’re looking for a historical fantasy that features some badass women, a journey of self-discovery, and Norse lore…I highly encourage you to dive into this well-crafted series!

Published by Noelle Loves Books

Growing up, Japanese and Indigenous, it was hard to find books that showcased stories and worlds that accurately portrayed Noelle’s experiences. Fantasy quickly became her main love, as you could really be anyone, anywhere. As the years went on, and technology grew, Noelle was finally able to see more stories and authors that looked and felt like her. Noelle is open to all genre’s though she can mostly be found reading own voice, fantasy, and romance. Ratings: 5 Stars: Completely blew me away 4 Stars: Loved the story but didn't feel completely blown away by it 3 Stars: Liked the overall concept of the story but either had poor execution, had a lot of plot holes, or was written poorly 2 Stars: I struggled to understand the plot, poorly written, or just had really unlikeable characters along with a poor writing 1 Star: Horribly written, major plot holes, or extremely unlikeable characters and plots.

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