Skin by: Ally Wagner

” Shapeshifters were wiped out two hundred years ago by their fellow preternatural beings. To prevent herself from reaching the same demise as her ancestors, Keira Quinn pretends to be a werewolf.

That is until she barely survives a brutal ambush.

With a thirst for blood and a short temper, she molds herself into a ruthless assassin. Nothing will stop her from getting revenge. She’ll hunt down the ones who attacked her and kill them one by one. After all, what better way to assassinate someone than to impersonate the one they trust most? “

Potential triggers…

  • Violence
  • Death of a LGBT character
  • Abusive parent
  • Physical assault

One of the first Booktok accounts I stumbled upon was Ally’s, and I’ve loved getting to see whatever new content she comes out with. Normally I’m very nervous, and hesitant, to read author’s work, who mutually follow me on Booktok because I don’t want to not like it and hurt their feelings. This book was one I wasn’t nervous to read, having followed Ally for so long, and knowing we have similar interests when it comes to para-romance and urban fantasy, I felt pretty confident I would enjoy any world she created. Ally did not disappoint.

In this debut novel, we’re introduced to Kee (Kiara), a shapeshifter born from two werewolf parents. Facing rejection, and prejudice, from a young age, Kee has always had to hide her true nature, instead, she lets others believe she’s a werewolf. Only those closest to Kee are ever told her truth.

Kee has been dating Cain, a werewolf, for about a year and can no longer put off meeting his pack. Meeting Cain’s pack will drastically impact, and change, Kee’s life more than she could ever imagine.

The preternatural world is heading towards something, good or bad change is coming. Kee will struggle with who she can and can’t trust, and she’ll have to become stronger than she ever was before.

I’ve always been a fan of strong females and this story starts the evolution of Kee, she’s just a little caterpillar but there are so many signs of the beautiful and wondrous butterfly she will become. The hardest part of reading this book was knowing it’s just the beginning of a series and I have no clue as to when book 2 will drop.

If you’re a fan of urban fantasy and para-romance and need a new world to jump into…pick up this book and dive away!

Published by Noelle Loves Books

Growing up, Japanese and Indigenous, it was hard to find books that showcased stories and worlds that accurately portrayed Noelle’s experiences. Fantasy quickly became her main love, as you could really be anyone, anywhere. As the years went on, and technology grew, Noelle was finally able to see more stories and authors that looked and felt like her. Noelle is open to all genre’s though she can mostly be found reading own voice, fantasy, and romance. Ratings: 5 Stars: Completely blew me away 4 Stars: Loved the story but didn't feel completely blown away by it 3 Stars: Liked the overall concept of the story but either had poor execution, had a lot of plot holes, or was written poorly 2 Stars: I struggled to understand the plot, poorly written, or just had really unlikeable characters along with a poor writing 1 Star: Horribly written, major plot holes, or extremely unlikeable characters and plots.

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